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Wendy Norris

RH Reality Check

Wendy Norris is a freelance writer from Denver, Colorado now working on assignment for Rewire. She was previously a New Journalist Fellow for the Center for Independent Media and managing editor of The Colorado Independent. She is editor/founder of

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Anatomy of a FACE Act violation

Wendy Norris

Kansas has long been a hotbed of anti-choice protests stoked by a hard-right political climate and conservative religious views. But the prairie state is now home-base for the most radical elements of the movement.

Will Ab-Only Retire With Obey?

Wendy Norris

The nation's capitol is swirling today with talk of the impending retirement of another veteran lawmaker, David Obey (D-Wisc.). His retirement could have major implications for reproductive health issues in the House.

‘Motherhood Politics’ Hijacked Healthcare Debate

Wendy Norris

Instead of looking at the areas of most importance to all of us on healthcare, the conversation is hijacked by this central concern about whether women are going to continue to choose to be mothers, says Marie Wilson of The White House Project.

Remembering Roe in Denver: Real People, Real Stories

Wendy Norris

Colorado women at a "Remember Roe" event tell of the driving forces behind their advocacy for choice in a state in which "personhood" threatens Roe, and conservative lawmakers try to kill a bill banning gender rating in insurance policies.

Crowdsourcing Condoms: Where They Are and Are Not

Wendy Norris

Condoms prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. But finding them in a store can require the tracking skills of a bloodhound. An investigative report by Wendy Norris on access to condoms in Colorado, including an interactive map.

Regional Groups Find Allies in New Places

Wendy Norris

While ultra-conservatives attempt to derail health reform with intellectually dishonest charges of taxpayer-funded abortion, state and local pro-choice advocates seek more centrist issues to attract allies to the greater cause.

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