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Stigma Shame and Sexuality Series

Gender Across Borders

Welcome to Gender Across Borders’ series on stigma, shame, and sexuality, cross-posted with Rewire and in partnership with Ipas.

This series addresses stigma. The bulk of the series focuses on abortion, but there are also pieces on sex work, queerness, sluttiness, and more. They are as follows:

Tuesday, 9/20

  • The Fence, Wendy Ortiz
  • Stigma, Shame, and Sexuality: A Reflection on Abortion, Leila Hessini
  • The Hegemony of ‘LGBT,’ Judith Avory Faucette
  • A Day in the Life of a Web Cam Model, Eva Rivera
  • A Pastor’s Daughter, Taonga Lisulo
  • Studying Down: Thoughts on Sex Work, Steinem, and Self-Representation, Melissa Petro

Wednesday, 9/21

  • Abortion, Small Towns, and Young Lives, Paige Johnson
  • Oh, The Things These Socks Have Seen, Lindsay Smith
  • Ester’s Eyes: Returning from Uganda’s War a Bush Wife, Lauren Wolfe
  • The “H” Word, Sarah Elspeth Patterson
  • Pivotal Positions: Transforming Abortion Provider Stigma, Jennifer Coletti
  • Navigating Sin and Karma in Thailand, Santi Leksakun

Thursday, 9/22

  • An Open Letter to My Mother, Jessica Borusky
  • Late One Night, Gemma Mason
  • What We Can Learn From “Pro-Life” Patients, Kate Cockrill
  • Abortion On Demand and Without Apology, Sunsara Taylor
  • Institutionalized Stigma in Ghana, Jessica Mack
  • Abortion in Malta: When Silence Kills, Marie Anne Zammit

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Stigma Shame and Sexuality Series
Stigma Shame and Sexuality Series

Commentary Sexuality

Late One Night

I realize that for years I've been thinking that every loud woman in a bar who gets drunk or laughs about showing her underwear is stupid. Stupid why? If you want to have sex, that can be a very effective way of going about it. Have I been implicitly assuming that women don't want to have sex?