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Scott La Cross

Advocates for Youth

Scott La Cross is a senior at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in English literature and family science, with a certificate in LGBT studies. He is a member of Advocates for Youth’s International Youth Leadership Council, a group of youth leaders working to change policy through media work, lobbying, campus-based activities, and participation in international conferences. On campus, Scott is involved with the Pride Alliance, UMD’s LGBT organization, and the United Advocacy Council which is dedicated to multicultural involvement and social justice issues. He is also a trip leader for Alternative Spring Break and is actively involved in his church, Holy Cross Lutheran.

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HIV/AIDS: What Would Jesus Do?

Scott La Cross

Based on his actions in the Bible, I'm inclined to say that Jesus would be right in the midst of the pandemic -- comforting those affected by AIDS, fighting to keep others from contracting HIV, and making himself a nuisance to complacent politicians.