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Priscilla Huang

Priscilla Huang is a senior attorney in NHeLP’s Los Angeles office. She focuses on reproductive health and justice issues in Medicaid and the private insurance market

Priscilla has a background in reproductive justice, racial and ethnic health disparities, and immigrant health care access. Prior to joining NHeLP, Priscilla was a consultant and senior advisor with the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, where she spearheaded various federal interagency efforts on improving language services and data collection and reporting.

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Reclaiming Choice

Priscilla Huang

On the anniversary of Roe, I continue to be a pro-choice, reproductive justice advocate because I don't want others to choose for me or my sisters. As a daughter of immigrant parents, I refuse to let the anti-choice movement define who I am and who they think I should be.

Beyond Privacy, Toward Equality

Priscilla Huang

As Election Day draws near, let's vote for a government that goes beyond keeping laws off our bodies. Instead, let's vote for a government that can create laws to keep our bodies and communities safe and healthy.

Uncovering the Nativism of Population Politics

Priscilla Huang

Anti-immigrant zealots insist that their motives are not racist. But given that they have worked to end birthright citizenship and criticize the higher birth rates of Asian and Latina immigrant women, their claims ring false.