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Marcia Yerman

Marcia G. Yerman, based in New York City, writes profiles, interviews, essays, and articles focusing on women’s issues and the arts.  She contributes regularly to The Huffington Post, Feminism 2.0, has been published by AlterNet, and is a member of The Political Voices of Women.

Her work promotes the view that if women’s frame of reference is not reflected in the arts (film, theater, visual arts, literature), then their true identities and visions will be defined by male-driven popular culture.  She has served as a consultant to both non-profit organizations and the business sector.  She handled public relations and outreach for the Feminist Art Project and was host and producer of Women In Art, a cable TV program.  Her background includes work as both a curator of exhibitions reflecting diversity and as an artist.

Yerman is co-founder of cultureID, an online community dedicated to a nexus of culture and activism. It will launch in 2009.

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President Obama and the Future of Women’s Health

Marcia Yerman

Along with the rest of the country eagerly anticipating the inauguration of Barack Obama, the majority of American women will be reveling in the fact that those who wanted to curb a woman's right to choose didn't make it to the Oval Office.

AIDS Health Workers and Anti-Trafficking Activists – Is There a Conflict?

Marcia Yerman

In the global crisis of violence against women, there is a heated debate about the best way to approach the issues at the intersection of HIV/AIDS and human trafficking. Advocates of "harm elimination" push the abolishment of sexual slavery, trafficking, and prostitution. Those who believe in "harm reduction" are working to ameliorate the HIV/AIDS crisis in a pre-existing negative situation.