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Joseph DiNorcia Jr


Joseph DiNorcia, Jr., is President and CEO of the Sexuality Information
and Education Center of the United States. Mr. DiNorcia joined SIECUS in May of
1991. In his 16 years at SIECUS, he has overseen tremendous organizational
growth – including the development of SIECUS’ International Program, the
establishment of the DC-based Public Policy Office, and the growth of an annual
budget from $500,000 to over $2.5 million. Mr. DiNorcia frequently represents
SIECUS at meetings and conferences of various colleague organizations and
serves on the boards of as President of NAFSO, North American Federation of
Sexuality Organizations,  and the Executive Committee of WAS, World
Association for Sexual Health.  Mr. DiNorcia received his Bachelor of Arts and
Master of Business Administration degrees from Rutgers University in New

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When Trustbusters Attack

Joseph DiNorcia Jr

By turning any public policy matter into a question about trust and honesty, as they are now with health care reform, right-wing groups avoid any serious policy debate and damage their victims' credibility.

Turning the Page on Sexuality Education

Joseph DiNorcia Jr

After years of our children being subject to dangerous abstinence-only programs, we are finally at a place where parents, educators, and policymakers want something different. But will the new sex education be "disaster prevention" only?