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Dana Goldstein

RH Reality Check

Dana Goldstein is an Rewire staff writer and a staff writer at The American Prospect, where she covers the 2008 presidential race, education policy, women’s issues, and much more. She blogs daily at TAPPED. Dana’s writing has also appeared in The New Republic, BusinessWeek, The Guardian, and In These Times.

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Aborting Health Care Reform

Dana Goldstein

The president and his staff have been reluctant to take on reproductive rights in health reform. But that has not prevented anti-choicers from using the issue to activate their base against reform.

Is the GOP a Mixed Choice Party?

Dana Goldstein

Pro-life Democrats have recently scored high profile electoral victories in the Rust Belt and Deep South. But the Republican Party continues to reject even tepid supporters of reproductive rights.

The New Anti-Choice Democrats: Can We Work With Them?

Dana Goldstein

Reassuring Southern voters about core social issues like abortion was likely the only way Democrats could have won recent special elections in Mississippi and Louisiana. So how can reproductive health advocates get newly-elected anti-choice Dems to work with us?

When Obama Voted “No”

Dana Goldstein

Obama’s opposition to the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” serves as the basis of anti-choice rhetoric against his candidacy. The BAIPA isn't really about protecting infants; it is anti-abortion rights legislation crafted by the hard right.

Fractures on the Far Right

Dana Goldstein

John Hagee's endorsement of Sen. John McCain was calculated to provide McCain with instant credibility among evangelical Christian voters. Instead, the Hagee endorsement has exposed a key fracture within the Republican coalition: tensions between right-wing Catholics and right-wing evangelical Protestants.


What’s Missing from Democratic Exit Polls?

Dana Goldstein

By including questions about abortion on Republican exit polls, but not Democratic ones, pollsters guarantee the media pays attention to how conservative, anti-choice voters feel about the issue, while overlooking the majority of Americans' support for broad access to abortion and contraception.