Constituents Demand Utah Governor Veto New 72 Hour Waiting Period

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Constituents Demand Utah Governor Veto New 72 Hour Waiting Period

Robin Marty

Utah's new three day abortion wait isn't law yet, and pressure is on the governor to make sure it never is.

Utah’s state legislature has passed a bill that will make it the second state to require women to wait 72 hours after meeting with a doctor before they can have an abortion.  But the legislation is still waiting for the governor’s signature, and many Utah citizens are anxious that he not sign.

From The Republic:

Thousands of emails have poured into Gov. Gary Herbert’s office, urging him to veto bills mandating abstinence-only sex education, banning filming on farms and extending the waiting period for abortions… Planned Parenthood of Utah executive director Karrie Galloway said the [waiting period] bill is similar to a law put on hold by a judge in South Dakota. Galloway said they have sent a letter to Herbert requesting a veto, but if he signs it they will consider a lawsuit.

Also campaigning for a veto?  The Utah PTA, who hopes the governor will refuse to sign a new law that will make it impossible for teachers to discuss homosexuality, contraception, or even premarital sex in any sex-ed classes.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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