Iowa Legislators Claim No Abortion Bills Will Be Voted on This Session

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Iowa Legislators Claim No Abortion Bills Will Be Voted on This Session

Robin Marty

With control of the Iowa House and Senate split between Democrats and Republicans, state politicians claim they'll stay away from abortion legislation.

The Iowa 2012 legislative session begins today, and politicians appear ready to agree on one thing:

No abortion bills this year.

Via THOnline:

Don’t expect the volatile issues of abortion and gay rights to dominate the Legislature this year as they did last session, legislative leaders said.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Republican lawmakers said they still believe the Legislature should further restrict abortions and refer a proposed repeal of the state’s same-sex marriage law to voters, but with little chance of success on those issues they’re planning to focus on other matters when the Legislature convenes Monday.

“We’re not afraid to address those issues, but we’re also not interested in squandering Iowans’ time,” said House Speaker Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha, arguing that voters are more interested in jobs and the economy. “We have a job to do and we’re going to do it.”

Funny, I seem to remember some South Dakota legislators saying the same thing.  And we see how long that lasted.

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