Wisconsin Anti-Choice Activists Plan To Harrass Women With Christmas Carols

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Wisconsin Anti-Choice Activists Plan To Harrass Women With Christmas Carols

Robin Marty

What do you want to bet they will just endlessly loop "What Child Is This?"

Correction: The Pro-Life Action League in Chicago has written us to clarify that they have, in fact, been “conducting ‘Empty Manger’ caroling tours for 9 years now.” Thus, the idea was not new to Pro-Life Wisconsin as was claimed in the article.

As if signs, pamphlets and tiny plastic fetuses weren’t enough, the women of Wisconsin have a new form of harassment to look forward to if they need to access a reproductive health clinic during December.


Yes, for the few days leading up to Christmas, Pro-Life Wisconsin has pledged to deck the halls, or at least the sidewalks, of Wisconsin clinics with Christmas carols for the “empty mangers” that will exist due to abortion.

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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Via their website:

Last year’s Empty Manger Christmas Caroling effort was so popular, we’re doing it again this year, and in more cities to boot! 

What better way to bring the joy of Christmas to a place where hopelessness abounds?

We will have copies of Christmas carols and the empty manger. Please spread this message far and wide. Most of all, prepare the way of the Lord by joining us in song to glorify the King of kings.

A holly, jolly Christmas indeed.