Hot Air Author Says Best Thing a Woman Can Do Is Die For Her Baby

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Hot Air Author Says Best Thing a Woman Can Do Is Die For Her Baby

Robin Marty

In case you had any doubts that anti-choice activists would rather have a dead mother and live infant than the other way around.

Did the “pro-life” cause really need an actual martyr?  The conservative website “Hot Air” has published a doting ode to Stacy Crimm, a woman who refused chemotherapy that would save her life in order to not endanger her long awaited pregnancy.

And anti-choice supporters couldn’t be more proud of her.

Tina Korbe writes:

Crimm truly did have a choice: Even if abortion were illegal, she could have opted to receive chemotherapy. That she bravely chose to place her child’s life before her own recalls forcibly to mind why the phrase “a mother’s love” has such resonance. When we talk about abortion, rarely do we talk about the ache many women feel after they choose to abort their babies. Crimm’s physical suffering must have been unimaginable — and, yet, three days before she died, she was able to hold close the fruit of her choice in what Phillips said was a perfect moment. Would that her story might help all mothers see nothing is worth the sacrifice of their own child.

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Crimm did have a choice, and acted out on her own wishes.  But when you switch that to “nothing,” including the life of the mother, is worth ending a pregnancy, well, then that’s not really a choice, is it?

Now there is one dead mom and one very premature infant being raised by her uncle and aunt.  But as long as the baby survives, nothing else matters, right?