Nevada Trying to Add Personhood to Ballot — Again

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Nevada Trying to Add Personhood to Ballot — Again

Robin Marty

They may have failed in 2010, but they promised they'd be back.

In 2010, after failing to achieve the required number of signatures on its petition to get a personhood amendment onto the Nevada ballot, Personhood USA vowed they would be back.

Now, it looks like its have returned, although under a different name; the “Nevada Prolife Coalition.”

Via the Las Vegas Sun:

The petition [sponsored by Nevada Prolife Coalition] would prohibit “the intentional taking of a prenatal person’s life” and defines a prenatal person as “every human being at all stages of biological development before birth.”

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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The petition is similar to a failed 2010 petition pushed by the Personhood USA group, which is pursuing anti-abortion laws across the country. That petition was rejected by Carson District Court Judge James Russell, who found the language too vague to be clear to voters.

Under that petition, any being possessing a human genome would be granted due process rights, effectively prohibiting abortion.

Unlike 2010, the 2012 group has narrowed its amendment language to avoid issues with the state’s court.  But will that make it easier to gather signatures, or harder? After all, now voters know what they are actually supporting when they sign.

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