Enlisting Creative Communities in the Fight to Improve Maternal Health

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Lisa Russell  Enlisting Creative Communities in the Fight to Improve Maternal Health

Maternal health continues to be one of the most critical yet
neglected health issues facing our world.  Every second a woman dies
from complications related to childbirth and pregnancy.  And despite
the fact that the United Nations has identified improving maternal
health as one of its eight Millennium Development Goals, it continues
to be the one that lags in progress.


We in America have the voice and resources to change these trends by
ensuring more families have access to family planning services and that
women with obstetric complications have access to the right emergency
care.  We believe the best approach to promoting greater access for
women’s health worldwide has to be one that is collaborative, and in
partnership with those who know their communities best. 


Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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As a global health activist and filmmaker, I believe in the power of
imagery, sound and the spoken word to inspire cultural exchange, unite
international communities, and to promote social progress worldwide,
yet I see a large disconnect between the humanitarian world and the
creative communities who have an incredible impact on their societies
at the local level when it comes to global health advocacy. 


I would like to see greater communication and partnerships between
these two worlds to address issues of women/motherhood/maternal health.
Therefore, I am developing – in collaboration with Grammy-award winning singer, Maya Azucena – a new media "mash up" project called  We are collaborating with international organizations and artists to bring awareness to maternal health.


"" is a new media site that solicits creative content
from artists around the world (musicians, filmmakers, poets, djs, etc)
who work at either the global or country level.  Activists can access
these 30-60 second license free clips to download and create their own
personalized PSA’s which can be forwarded to their networks,
development institutions and policy makers.  It offers an opportunity
for artists and activists from both the developed and developing world
to work together, share resources and contribute their talents to help
create a global, *artistic* movement for women’s health.


We will launch this site to time with the high-level plenary on the
MDGs at a conference at the UN in September 2010.  Please help us reach
our goals by voting for us in the "Ideas for Change in America" contest at  We believe by investing in projects like we will help America revitalize its commitment to women and their families around the world.


Thank you for your time and interest,


Lisa Russell