Rewire.News Announces Q4 Multi-Channel Reporting Focused on Upcoming Supreme Court Nomination, the State of the Courts and Our Rights

Featuring Diverse Storytelling Formats, including a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Retrospective, Season 5 of Boom! Lawyered Podcast and New Virtual Event Series, Rewire.News Becomes Rewire News Group to Meet Audience Needs  

McLean, VA–(PRESS RELEASE – Sept. 23, 2020) Rewire.News, the nation’s only nonprofit media organization exclusively dedicated to reporting on reproductive and sexual health, rights  and justice, today announced its Q4 multi-channel reporting lineup that will focus on the future of the Supreme Court and what that means for our rights, as well as a name change to Rewire News Group ( to reflect the organization’s evolution. 

Rewire News Group (RNG) is paying tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a retrospective that delves into how she shaped the law through her Supreme Court dissents and how current law students plan to carry her legacy forward. A special episode of RNG’s signature podcast, Boom! Lawyered, on Saturday, September 26 will focus on the late Justice Ginsburg’s legacy and Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. The media group is also launching its first-ever virtual event series, the debut edition of which features The Nation’s Elie Mystal and Belabored author Lyz Lenz, among other leading experts on issues related to sex, abortion, parenthood, and power. 

“Given the rapidly transforming political, cultural, and generational landscapes, it felt vital for us to reimagine how we reach audiences at this crucial moment,” said Galina Espinoza, President and Editor in Chief of Rewire News Group. “The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg further amplifies what the outcomes of this year’s elections will mean for our rights. Rewire News Group is meeting this pivotal moment with enhanced reporting and a new name that reflects our desire to build an engaged community that is looking to own their relationship to sex, abortion, parenthood, and power.”

As part of its name change and evolution, Rewire News Group is rolling out a mobile-friendly, redesigned website to meet audience needs for more timely, accessible news content in this critical moment. The media group is also augmenting its news coverage through social media, including more Twitter takeovers by its reporters for breaking news, and Instagram Live Q&As with staff experts. Beginning the week of October 5, RNG will release quarterly “Special Editions,” which are provocative, multi-platform showcases on current cultural conversations on all things related to sex. The media group is also launching its first YouTube series, You Deserve Good Sex that addresses the stigma and misinformation that gets in the way of good sex. 

“The Rewire News Group team is unmatched in its ability to deliver audiences the most relevant and timely information on reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice issues,” said Jessica Mason Pieklo, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor. “Not only do we have constitutional lawyers on staff at a time when abortion rights are as vulnerable as they’ve been in a generation, but we also approach our reporting through a health care lens, centering on the communities who need these services the most.” 

The muti-channel news expansion at Rewire News Group (RNG) this fall will include:

  • You Deserve Good Sex: a weekly, 12-episode YouTube series hosted by sex educator Cassandra Corrado–with the first episode dropping on Wednesday, September 23. Corrado will help viewers unlearn the stigma and harmful beliefs that get between them and the hot, healthy sex they deserve to have. Corrado is also taking over RNG’s Instagram Account (@RewireNewsGroup) on Friday, October 2 at 12 noon ET for a frank and fun conversation, where she will answer questions and share her best tips, tricks, and advice for getting the healthy, dynamic sex life people want.
  • Does Anyone Know How to Parent Right Now?!?! (Tuesday, September 29, 5pm ET), the first event of RNG’s subscriber-only virtual series. Join editor in chief Galina Espinoza as she sits down with leading parenting voices Lyz Lenz, author of Belabored, and lawyer-turned-parenting writer Kai McGee, to talk about building a life with kids on your own terms in today’s challenging world.
  • The Unsung Heroes Who Make Abortion Care Possible (Wednesday, September 30, 5pm ET): Join Espinoza for an inspiring, empowering conversation with “Undue Burdens” filmmakers Andrea Raby and Sydney Bauer, and leaders from the Midwest Access Coalition, about the grassroots efforts that make all the difference in the lives of abortion patients.
  • It’s Bananas! #TeamLegal Breaks Down the Upcoming Supreme Court Term (Thursday, October 1, 5 pm ET): Join RNG’s legal reporters Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy, and The Nation’s Elie Mystal for a no-holds-bar conversation about our rights on this line this Supreme Court term.
  • “The Constitution at a Crossroads,” (October 5th-9th): a week-long preview at how the outcome of this election could reshape the future of the Constitution and our rights, including RNG’s take on what a Constitution 2.0 could look like. The week will break down what a Biden and a Trump Supreme Court bench could mean for us. RNG will also take a close look at two states where the future of legal abortion is on the ballot and Senior Editor Imani Gandy will sit down with actor, musician and activist Tawny Newsome of Netflix’s Space Force to discuss the incredible work Black women are doing in this political moment. Closing out the week is the October 8 season 5 premiere of RNG’s signature podcast, Boom! Lawyered, hosted by Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy.