Statement From the Rewire.News Board of Directors: In Deep Appreciation and Excited Anticipation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE |  October 31, 2019

After eight years of leading Rewire.News, Jodi Jacobson, president and editor in chief, is leaving the organization today. Jodi has successfully led the only national news outlet dedicated to reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice, and the intersections of racial, environmental, immigration, and economic justice.

Jodi recruited an award-winning team of journalists and professionals that profoundly reshaped the public discourse and challenged the politicization of reproductive health and rights. Rewire.News is a tremendous source of news, analysis, and thoughtful opinion that is playing a critical role in enhancing understanding, establishing the terms of debate, shaping values, and exposing falsehoods. The publication is read by a growing and diverse audience. The board deeply values the vision and talent Jodi brought to Rewire.News over the years, and knows she will continue to shine light on critical matters in the future.

The search for Rewire.News‘ next president and editor in chief was launched earlier this year when Jodi announced her planned departure, and the board expects a new president will be in place by early 2020.

The board of directors is pleased that Jessica Mason Pieklo has accepted the position of interim president. Jessica currently serves as vice president for law and the courts and has become one of the most prominent journalists guiding the nation’s understanding of reproductive health, rights, and justice. We are also pleased that Mariam Garriga, Rewire.News’ vice president of finance and operations, will also assume some interim CEO responsibilities.

Rewire.News is an essential part of the public discourse about some of the most important and contentious issues of our time, and the board of directors is dedicated to its future and its growth. As we move into the unique challenges of 2020, Rewire.News will continue offering exceptional journalism that fights stigma, demands truth and accuracy, and raises issues of equity and inclusion in relation to sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice.

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