Abortion Access One Month After Texas Ban Goes Into Effect

Since Texas SB 8 went into effect on September 1, abortion access has been in chaos for Texans—and for patients and providers in surrounding states.

Photo of woman holding up a sign in downtown Brooklyn that reads No!! Texas abortion ban!! Outraged!!
Cities across the country have been protesting against abortion bans like Texas' near-total abortion ban. Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Since news broke that SB 8—a law that bans all abortions after embryonic cardiac activitywould go into effect in Texas, the state of abortion access has been in chaos. Coverage of the law and challenges to it have been all over the map.

The ban also created a ripple effect: Other states, including Florida, have introduced similar bills, and abortion clinics in states bordering Texas are receiving more patients than they can handle, creating havoc for abortion providers.

In a virtual subscriber-only event, advocates and experts on the ground joined Rewire News Group‘s Executive Editor Jessica Mason Pieklo this week for an illuminating and urgent conversation on what the Texas ban actually means for providers and patients, not only in the state but across the country.

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