How to Pick the Sex Toy That’s Right for You

Before you select a sex toy, here's everything you need to know, courtesy of sex educator Cassandra Corrado.

The sex toy industry is expected to grow by nearly 10 billion dollars by 2023—that's a lot of dildos. Shutterstock

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Have you ever stood inside a store, staring at the shelf of toilet paper in front of you and paralyzed with doubt over which type of two-ply to get?

Well, the same kind of decision fatigue can happen with sex toys. Just ask the Amazon shopper who reportedly ordered 392 kinds of nipple clamps in the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sex educator Cassandra Corrado, the host of Rewire News Group’s You Deserve Good Sex series on YouTube, is back with a brand-new episode all about picking the right sex toy. And just like there are all kinds of attributes to consider when it comes to TP—texture, lint levels, cleaning power, there are even more factors to keep in mind when selecting your next dildo, butt plug, bullet vibrator, or cock ring.

We’re talking materials, girth, power, levels of tech fanciness, gender-affirming qualities, and much more. (To be clear, we’re not actually conflating toilet paper with sex toys—though each has a pretty big impact on our lives.)

For tips on how to choose—and where to find—the ideal sex toy for your needscheck out the video below. And for what it’s worth, Corrado recommends SportSheets’ adjustable nipple clamps.