Dallas Police ‘Swarm’ Local High School, ‘Pray’ for Fetus

Dallas police “swarmed” a local high school on Friday in response to reports that a human fetus was found in a bathroom after a woman miscarried.

Police at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas.

Dallas police “swarmed” Woodrow Wilson High School on Friday in response to reports that a human fetus was found in a bathroom. The police department investigated the scene, bringing in at least one helicopter and reviewing video footage, and called for help in identifying a “suspect.”

A local news outlet reported that police were specifically looking into the “circumstances” of how the pregnancy ended—whether or not the mother miscarried or aborted.

“We’re reviewing video, talking to the teachers, trying to determine if anybody has any knowledge of any student that may have had something going on in their life, and pray[ing],” said Dallas Police Major John Lawton.

DPD later acknowledged that a woman had miscarried, and that no criminal offense had taken place. By Tuesday, police said they had stopped the investigation and that no charges would be filed. The DPD spent the weekend searching for the woman whose fetus was found.

Before reports surfaced that the woman had miscarried, a spokesperson of Baby Moses Dallas, a “non-profit corporation whose purpose is to save babies,” told a local Fox affiliate that the woman should have carried the fetus to term in order to avoid criminal charges.

A Texas law called a “Safe Haven” or “Baby Moses Law” allows parents to leave newborns that they can’t care for at a “designated safe place, with no questions asked.”

The Baby Moses Dallas spokesperson, Alan Elliott, who had assumed the case at the high school was the result of an abortion, said that the woman should have used the Baby Moses law and carried the fetus to term: “That’s a happy ending when that happens, because the baby is safe, the mother is protected from any sort of prosecution, so it’s a win-win for both of them.”

The helicopter and swarm of police officers worried parents and students at the school, who weren’t initially informed about the reason for the massive police presence.