Indiana Accuses Planned Parenthood of Performing Illegal Second Trimester Abortion — During the First Trimester

Why shouldn't politicians legislate medicine? For one thing, their lack of medical knowledge.

State Sen. Mike Delph. (Alan Petersime/Star 2011 file photo)

State Senator Mike Delph believes that an Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic has some explaining to do, and is pressuring the county prosecutor to open an investigation.

Via The IndyStar:

A 911 call on Nov. 2 from a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indianapolis has raised the concern of Indiana State Sen. Mike Delph, prompting him in a letter to ask Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry to investigate.

In the 911 call, a staff member at the Westside clinic is heard seeking an ambulance for a woman who developed complications during an abortion procedure. The anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue posted audio from the call at its web site. In the call, a Planned Parenthood staff member describes the patient as being 13 weeks, two days along in her pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood clinics are not authorized under state law to perform second-trimester abortions, said Delph, which the Carmel Republican believes is indicated to be happening in the 911 tape.

“The Planned Parenthood facility. . . is not licensed as a hospital or ambulatory outpatient surgical center,” Delph writes in his Dec. 14 letter. “Because this … act occurred in my district, I have a compelling interest in requesting a full investigation.”

The problem with Delph’s accusation? A 13 week 2 day termination is actually a first trimester abortion, not as second trimester one. The second trimester doesn’t begin until 14 weeks gestation.

It could be an honest mistake. After all there is a lot of confusion in general over when the first trimester ends, sometimes even from pregnant women, themselves. But it’s also clear that Delph is only echoing exactly what the Operation Rescue team have publicly stated in their own calls to have the clinic investigated. According to their own website about the event:

“The record shows that a Planned Parenthood patient was in active labor and in the middle of a risky second trimester abortion when the abortionist stopped the procedure and called for emergency transport. Because of the evasiveness of the caller, almost anything could have happened to that woman, but one thing is obvious; her life was in danger,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “This certainly warrants further investigation by the appropriate authorities.”

Watching the video and reading the transcript sheds doubt on Newman’s claims. The clinic notes that the patient is not bleeding, is conscious, and has just begun to experience some cramping. That’s a far cry from “active labor” or her life being “in danger.”

Still, Delph appears more than happy to carry water for Operation Rescue, as well as Indiana Right to Life, which is campaigning to demand an investigation into Planned Parenthood over the incident. Delph is an excellent candidate to press their agenda: he’s been endorsed by Indiana Right to Life and American Family Association Indiana and has voted for every restriction to reproductive health proposed in the legislature. He even likes to opine on his website about what it would be like if Steve Jobs had been aborted.

One thing Delph is lacking? A medical degree.

Curry has yet to respond about actually beginning an investigation, although his multi-year pursuit of prosecuting Bei Bei Shuai doesn’t bode well in regards to his advocacy for women. Regardless of whether Curry opens an investigation or not, the incident makes it clear that the rabidly anti-choice legislature is ready to come after clinics and providers any way they can.

Even if it means making charges up.