Wisconsin Anti-Choicers Want to Arrest Anyone Who Implements Obamacare, Including Scott Walker

The Tea Party is ready to make some citizen arrests.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Photo: Prunejuice Media.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was the Tea Party poster boy. He tried to bust the unions. He tried to put through voter ID. He signed bill after bill posing new restrictions to accessing abortion and health care. He even survived an attempt to vote him out of office.

That’s not good enough for the Wisconsin radical right. Now, they’ve declared that they want to arrest anyone who implements Obamacare—and that includes the governor himself.

Via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

As Gov. Scott Walker contemplates whether to create a state health care exchange under Obamacare, he will have to contend in the coming legislative session with nine lawmakers who have said they back a bill to arrest any federal officials who try to implement the health care law.

Rep. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) is one of the nine from Wisconsin who told the Campaign for Liberty he would back legislation to declare Obamacare illegal and allow police to arrest federal officials who take steps to implement it in Wisconsin. He said he believes the health care law is unconstitutional, despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that it passes constitutional muster.

“Just because Obama was re-elected does not mean he’s above the constitution,” Kapenga said.

In addition to Kapenga, those listed as supporting the Campaign for Liberty’s positions are Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin; Reps. Don Pridemore of Hartford; Erik Severson of Star Prairie; Tom Larson of Colfax; Scott Krug of Wisconsin Rapids; and three Republicans elected for the first time last week who will be sworn in early next year – Rob Hutton of Brookfield, Mark Born of Beaver Dam and Dave Murphy of Greenville.

One of the backers, Sen. Lazich, was the author of the massive and purposefully legally ambiguous anti-choice bill that made practitioners in the state too uncomfortable to continue providing RU-486, effectively eliminating medication abortions in the state. The lesson here must be that state legislatures making health care decisions to deny health care to residents is good, federal powers making legislation to expand health care to citizens is bad.

Luckily, Walker should be safe from arrest, since he’s just a state lawmaker, not a federal one. But one false step and it looks like they could come for him next.