Romney Tells Public One Thing on Abortion Exceptions and Anti-Choice Groups Another

The only thing clear about Romney's position on abortion is that it's different depending on the group to which he is pandering.


“My position has been clear throughout this campaign. I’m in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother.”

When Mitt Romney said those words in a CBS interview on August 27th, that should have been the end of the debate.  No abortion, unless the pregnant woman has been sexually assaulted, or her health or life is at risk by continuing the pregnancy.

But now, in back channels, he’s denying that’s what he meant to say.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, tells conservative radio talk show host Bryan Fischer that she confirmed with the Romney campaign that the candidate did not meant to say “health” and that his pro-life views remain the same.

“If that were his position, he would never have received our endorsement, that’s for sure,” Dannenfelser told the American Family Radio host. “I have heard clarification from his spokesperson, restating what his position really is, which is rape, incest, life of the mother. That is his position. Those are his exceptions.”

It’s not as if Romney were ambushed during the sit down interview, or had no idea what he would be asked, especially regarding abortion.  If he is claiming that he misspoke, doesn’t he need to make that clear to the general population, rather than allegedly release a statement via a spokesperson through the back channels of the anti-choice activists network?

Once more, Romney tells everyone what they want to hear and takes no real position at all.  It’s time for the reporters to ask him whether he lied to CBS, or to his conservative backers.