North Carolina Shows That In Case You Still Doubted, They DO Want To Take Away Your Birth Control

Catholics rejoice that the cuts in Title X funding in North Carolina should cut off some access to contraception.

WeNews - Creative Commons/Flickr.

The North Carolina legislature’s dark-of-the-night, last-minute override of Governor Bev Perdue’s veto of a bill that to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates by eliminating all Title X funding to private contractors has successfully cut off access to family planning and reproductive care to low-income and uninsured women in the state.

Now, the Catholics are wondering why Planned Parenthood is cutting other services, but not abortion?

As Slate reports, the state wrapped their enthusiastic veto override in the the guise of “defunding abortion.”

The ruse for these attacks on Planned Parenthood is “abortion,” but since the funding targeted is inevitably never for abortion, the ruse can be considered another in a long line of ruses disguised as legitimate legislation, which the South in particular has been fond of since passing “poll taxes” and “literacy tests” in a barely concealed ruse to strip black citizens of their voting rights.

But since the funds were never used for abortions in the first place, now they seem shocked that other services are being cut, and are calling it a form of “retaliation.”

Via Catholic News Online:

Planned Parenthood plans to retaliate against North Carolina women after state legislators affirmed their decision to strip the infamous private abortion provider of state funding. Claiming that an estimated $200,000 isn’t used to finance abortions, North Carolina’s Planned Parenthood abortion mills have threatened to cut cancer screenings and other services – but not abortions.

Still, the religious groups says there is a small silver lining:

Planned Parenthood claims that state funds are never used for abortions. This ignores the reality that money is a fungible resource and funds spent in one area free other monies to be spent on abortions. However, Planned Parenthood has already announced they will make cuts to cancer screenings and other health care services they provide, but not abortions. 

Fortunately, some of those threatened cuts do include contraceptives and abortifacients.

Yes, they are happy that it will cut off birth control. In case there was any doubt that the vocal leaders of the Catholic church want to eliminate access to contraception, their cover is officially gone.