New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Vetoes $7.5 Million In Family Planning Funding

The Republican governor and potential vice presidential candidate is continuing his quest to eliminate funding for pregnancy prevention and sexual health.

Amanda Brown/The Star-Ledger

Another year means another budget in New Jersey, and once more New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vetoed a bill with funding for prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

Via NJ.com:

[W]ith a separate set of vetoes, the governor quashed Democrats’ plans to restore money for social services and other programs. He nixed a bill to pump $7.5 million into clinics for women, refused to return $66 million in energy tax revenue to cities, and vetoed a proposal to bolster tax credits for the working poor after slashing them in 2010.

“This spending as usual is just more of the same mentality that plagued the eight years before I became governor, when there was reckless spending and a cycle of raising taxes and fees every 25 days,” Christie said in a statement.

Christie repeatedly vetoed funding for family planning 2010, despite Democratic efforts to restore it. Multiple family planning clinics closed as a result of the pulled funds.

Anti-choice activists called the veto a victory for their side.

“I first want to thank you for acting on our Alert to urge the Governor to veto S788/A3204, the bill which would provide $7.5M in taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood, Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life said in an email message to members. “The Governor heard our message loud and clear!  Just this afternoon, Governor Christie vetoed the bill, along with other supplemental bills passed last week.”

“This is the 4th time Governor Christie has vetoed measures to fund Planned Parenthood.  Please call and thank the Governor (609 292 6000) for standing strong on this issue and protecting the integrity of New Jersey taxpayers.”

The $7.5 million being proposed would have come from the over $500 million budget surplus the state was projected to have.  Instead, Christie’s veto of the family planning funding and other measures will further increase the state’s cash reserves.