Is Rep. Amash Trying To Win Back NRLC With More Restrictions on Abortion in D.C.?

Apparently the 20-week ban and Medicaid abortion bans were just the warm up act. It seems a congressman who earlier angered anti-choicers may be sponsoring a bill to get back in their good graces.

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Congressional Republicans still aren’t done telling the women of the District of Columbia what they should do with their bodies. Taking advantage of the rule that allows Congress to write and pass bills for the nation’s capitol, yet another Republican Representative has crafted a bill that will curb the rights of women and girls in D.C.

Via The Hill:

On May 31, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) wrote on his Facebook page that he plans to author the District of Columbia Respect for Life and Conscience Act of 2012.

According to the posting, the bill “requires minors in D.C. to receive their parents’ consent before having an abortion, prohibits non-doctors from performing abortions, and provides conscience protections for individuals and health care facilities in D.C. that refuse to perform abortions.”

Amash had previously co-sponsored several pieces of national legislation restricting the use of federal funds to pay for abortions, including the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act and the Protect Life Act.

The real question about the bill isn’t why it’s being proposed, but why Michigan Rep. Justin Amash specifically is the one doing the sponsoring. Both local and national Right to Life organizations put pressure on the Congressman after he voted “present” on the Pence bill to defend Planned Parenthood, claiming he worried that the language, which specified Planned Parenthood itself as the target, would not be legal. This was after National Right to Life spent over $15,000 the prior cycle to help him get elected. Amash recently voted against PRENDA, the congressional bill that would ban “sex-selective” abortions, a vote that angered many anti-choice radicals and GOP congress members, too.

Could it be that Amash has introduced the Respect for Life and Conscience Act as a way to get back in everyone’s good graces? If so, the effort isn’t working.  National Right To Life Committee legislative director Douglas Johnson told the Christian Post that the group is highly unlikely to endorse Amash again this year, and that they doubt Michigan Right to Life will do so, either.

“The NRL endorsement will not be repeated, since his voting record has been abysmal – and this new posturing by Amash only adds insult to injury,” said Johnson.

“I cannot speak for Right to Life of Michigan on this matter, but in view of Amash’s votes against cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood and against the ban on sex-selection abortions, I would be astonished if he was again endorsed by that formidable state organization.”

Looks like Amash needs to come up with a better bill if he wants back anti-choice supporters — and their money.