Dear Mayor Franks, Can You Get On This Cockroach Issue?

Activists ask "D.C.'s New Mayor" Trent Franks to assist on more city issues.

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Arizona Congressman Trent Franks has decided that its time to put Congress to work ruling over the citizens of Washington, D.C. — at least when it comes to issues of reproductive rights.

So activists have decided if he’s going to appoint himself mayor of the city, maybe he can help out with some quality of life issues, too.

Via American University Radio:

Even without an audience of lawmakers or congressional staffers, more than 30 protesters lined the hall of the Rayburn House Office Building. Residents like Noah Mamber, accuse Franks of trying to play mayor by meddling in D.C.’s abortion policies — so they collected a list of other local issues for the congressman to take care of.

“There are cockroaches everywhere. I know Mayor Franks is very, very concerned about what’s happening in D.C. He wants to fix things. He wants to make laws here,” said Mamber. “Please Mayor Franks, come make it happen, and let’s spray some roaches and have a clean Petworth. Thank you.”

Hopefully when Franks is back from recess he can get right on that.