Arizona Nearly Ends State Employee Donations To United Way Out of Fear of Funding Planned Parenthood

"Taxpayer funded abortion" posturing at its finest.

Arizona has already exceeded virtually every other state in the “no-taxpayer-funding of abortion” lunacy, trying to defund Planned Parenthood, attempting to end tax credits for those who donate to the group, and even trying to cut off credits for groups who refer to groups that provide abortions.

Now, they’ve almost cut off the state employee donation program to the United Way.  Why? Because if the United Way gives money to Planned Parenthood, well, there’s another tax-payer subsidized abortion.

Via Tulsa World:

The state House approved a measure that would continue the life of an oversight committee that handles state employee United Way contributions, despite arguments that it was a way of using state tax money to fund abortion.

Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, argued that the agency was a means of getting state tax money to Planned Parenthood, which would then use the money to pay abortion providers.

The agency is “a support arm of the United Way,” Reynolds said. “I don’t think they would deny that, and what does the United Way do? They support abortion through what they do. They support Planned Parenthood.”

The United Way doesn’t actually support abortion or Planned Parenthood. They just serve to facilitate the passage of funding from those state employees who choose to donate to that group. But just that much association was enough to convince nearly half of the House members to vote to eliminate the committee.