Iowa State Adds Priest To State Health Board, Will Discuss Confirmation Next Year

Rather than have a fight now over whether a priest's anti-choice views should be considered when he's being appointed to a state board dealing with medical issues, the debate will be held off until 2013.

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Iowa Senators have chosen to let Governor Terry Branstad appointment of Monsignor Frank Bognanno, a Catholic priest who has testified in favor of anti-choice legislation, stand for the remainder of 2013, saying it will address the issue next year when he is up for a full term.

Via the Des Moines Register:

Sen. Jack Hatch, a Des Moines Democrat who led opposition to [Colleen] Pasnik, said on Thursday that the Senate ran out of time to fully consider Bognanno’s nomination, which came less than two weeks before the Legislature adjourned May 9. Hatch said he probably would vote for Bognanno’s nomination when legislators resume work in January. To gain a full three-year term, Bognanno would need approval from two-thirds of senators in the next session.

“I know he’s going to be pro-life. That’s never been the issue,” Hatch said, adding that he wants to talk to Bognanno before deciding how to vote.

Brandstad’s appointment of Bognanno is considered to be a direct rebuke and challenge to Iowa Democrats — including Hatch — who blocked his previous pick Colleen Pasnik, an active participant in the anti-choice movement with ties to the radical group Operation Rescue.