Michigan “Anti-Coercion” Abortion Bill Goes To Senate

The bill will make it a crime to force a woman to abort by hurting or threatening her, because apparently it's a bigger crime to hurt women if they are pregnant, when they are, you know, valuable.

Dr. David Reardon. [img src]

The Michigan senate will be hearing a bill that will make it a crime to physically assault, threaten or harm a pregnant woman into seeking an abortion, despite the fact that physically harming, or threatening people is in fact already a crime.

Via MLive:

The bills, which already have cleared the state House, would make it a crime to force a woman into an abortion, either through assaults or threats to her person or employment.

Democrats in the state House argued that there already are laws on the books to deal with assault, stalking and other harassment, and such protections don’t go away because women are pregnant.

Democrats also proposed making it a crime to try and coerce a woman out of having an abortion, but that gained no traction.

The bill was bolstered by quotes from a study that claimed 64 percent of women who had abortions say they felt pressured into having them. That study, of course, was done by famous anti-choice activist Dr. David “Have Your Rapist’s Baby” Reardon.