Mississippi Could Be “Abortion-Free” On July 1st As Bryant Signs TRAP Bill Into Law

Gov. Bryant said he wants to make the state "abortion-free." Now he's signing a bill that could be the first step.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant will sign into law today the state’s new bill requiring all abortion providers to be registered OB-GYNs with admission privileges to a local hospital.  The new regulations, which could possibly stop the state’s only clinic from operating, will go into effect on July 1st unless it is stopped by a judicial injunction.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization clinic owner Diane Derzis has said that she will likely file suit against the state in order to keep the law from being enforced.  Derzis’s clinic has three providers, all of whom are registered OB-GYNs, but only one with local admitting privileges.  The doctors, who live out of state due to safety and privacy concerns, have been denied privileges by local hospitals.  However, Derzis asserts, the clinic has transfer agreements with the local hospitals, making the new regulations mostly redundant.