Iowa Legislature: Traffic Cameras Are Invasion Of Privacy. Forcing Cameras into Your Vagina? Not

Iowa legislators are rallying for the right to privacy--except when it comes to your body.

What is the difference between a traffic light camera and a mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound?  One is a violation of privacy, according to Iowa legislators.

Can you guess which?

The Iowa legislature is considering banning traffic cameras due to “privacy concerns.”  And those who are arguing for the ban are the same who think all women should be forced to undergo forced ultrasounds prior to an abortion.

As Kay Henderson reports at Radio Iowa, Des Moines Democrat Representative Janet Petersen said:

“Some of the same people who want to ban traffic cameras to protect the liberty and freedom of Iowans also support government forcing women to have cameras inserted in their vaginas. So much for protecting personal liberty.”

Also not a part of protecting “personal liberty?” Allowing low-income women easy access to affordable contraception and sexual health screenings.  The House is planning a “defund Planned Parenthood” amendment that will pull $6 million in tax reimbursements from the health care provider to “protect” taxpayers.  The bill, which is being supported by anti-gay, anti-birth control conservative “family values” group The Family Leader, would allegedly “move that money away from people like Planned Parenthood and to comprehensive, full-service health care providers… It would not cut any funds. It would redirect them to those that can provide more and better services to needy women,” according to The Family Leader’s Chuck Hurley.

Hurley cites that Indiana and Texas have already passed the same bill, ignoring the fact that both states have been sued by the federal government and/or lost all funding over their own bills. But what else can you expect when a group that doesn’t believe in contraception is pushing policy on how contraception funding should be allocated?

But at least when the women are driving all of their extra children to school or daycare in between and working two or more jobs to support them, they won’t have to worry about a bunch of tickets for running red lights.