Abby Johnson Explains to CPCs How to Use Forced Ultrasound Bills to Lie and Get Women in the Door

If you wondered why ultrasound bills are popping up everywhere, it's to open the door for more opportunities to trick women into visiting crisis pregnancy centers.

[Photo: Abby Johnson stands on a sidewalk in a green jacket. In the background, a woman holds a sign saying: Pray to End Abortion.]
St. Louis Review

When Idaho’s anti-choice legislators proposed their mandatory ultrasound bill, one of the hopes was that women would go to crisis pregnancy centers to obtain free ultrasounds, despite the fact that those ultrasounds wouldn’t count as the mandatory ultrasounds required by the bill. When asked why he was essentially proposing two different ultrasounds, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Chuck Winder, seemed genuinely confused by the question, not completely positive whether he was proposing two or not.

Now, it’s a little easier to understand why he didn’t know. Anti-choice activists are purposefully trying to use ultrasounds as a means to get women who are considering abortion into crisis pregnancy centers, misleading them into thinking that they are going to receive free, necessary ultrasounds that they will need to have before they terminate their pregnancies.

At the annual conference for crisis pregnancy centers, former Planned Parenthood employee turned anti-choice personality Abby Johnson explained to attendees how to use ultrasounds and other means to mislead women into coming into crisis pregnancy centers so they can be talked out of having abortions.