Utah Governor Signs 72-Hour Wait Into Law, Becomes Second State to Mandate Three Day Wait

Despite the fact that South Dakota's three day wait has been on hold for being likely unconstitutional, Utah's governor has signed the bill anyway.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has just signed the state’s proposed 72-hour mandatory waiting period for an abortion, making Utah the second state to attempt to force a woman to wait three days from her first visit to a clinic in order to terminate a pregnancy.

“The governor is an adamant supporter of rights for the unborn and felt the bill appropriately allows a woman facing such a decision time to fully weigh her options, as well as the implications of the decision,” Herbert’s spokesperson said.

The Republican Governor had stated prior to signing the bill that he would examine any legal issues once he received the legislation.  Yet that didn’t stop him from passing into law a bill so flawed that the South Dakota version on which is was based was immediately placed under injunction, with a judge declaring it “likely unconstitutional.”

Besides forcing multiple visits to doctors and compounding costs in the name of “consumer protection,” the bill also does not allow any sort of exception for the waiting period in the case of fetal abnormality, a move the American Civil Liberties Union called “nothing short of cruel” as well as something that “could not survive constitutional scrutiny.”

The ACLU and other reproductive rights allies in the state of Utah have already announced plans to take the bill to court.