Arizona Anti-Abortion Tax Credit Law May Violate Free Speech

A ban on tax credits for those who donate to organizations that mention abortion may be blocked in court.

Arizona’s attempt to cut off funding to groups that support or even mention abortion by taking away tax credits to donors may be coming to an end.  A federal judge appears poised to block the law, calling it a possible violation of freedom of speech.

Via the Yuma Sun:

Judge Roslyn Silver said it appears that the law, approved earlier this year, discriminates among groups based on the content of what their employees tell clients. That, she said, would appear to run afoul of the First Amendment, which precludes the government from making such distinctions.

But Silver said she will consider arguments by David Cole, the state’s solicitor general, that lawmakers are entitled to make such a distinction. The judge gave no indication when she will rule on the request to enjoin enforcement of the law while the case winds its way through the legal system.

The new law was expected to most adversely affect groups that work with victims of domestic violence.