South Dakota Rep. Hunt Thinks All Women Are “Coerced” Into Abortions

The sponsor of the three day waiting period and mandatory religious counseling bill says he doesn't "understand why" reproductive rights groups are suing.

South Dakota Rep. Roger Hunt, the primary sponsor of H.B. 1217, the new law that would force women to wait three days for an abortion and undergo mandatory religious counseling from anti-abortion activists, says he’s just not understanding why the law is being sued over.

Via Fox News:

State Rep. Roger Hunt, the chief sponsor of the bill in this year’s legislative session, said the lawsuit was expected.

“I don’t understand why, because it just seeks to give women more information and it seeks to remove coercion, seeks to deal with a number of coercion elements where you have possible rapes and problems within families and what not, and we’re trying to help those women deal with that coercion,” said Hunt, R-Brandon.

“All of that seems to me to be in support of women, but for some reason Planned Parenthood sees their money supply and the abortions being dried, up so obviously they’re going to fight,” Hunt said.

Of course, it’s no surprise Hunt is confused over how his efforts to coerce women out of abortions is not being seen as helping women.  After all, he thinks every single woman who has gotten an abortion was probably coerced by someone.