Abby Johnson, Now On a TV Near You

Heroic Media is moving from billboards to television, and Abby Johnson is their new poster girl.

Heroic Media is moving on from racist billboards and now is hitting the airwaves.  Their newest publicity stunt?  Using former Planned Parenthood employee and self-proclaimed “pro-life convert” Abby Johnson in a

Via the Christian Post:

Former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson, now a pro-life advocate, is out with a new commercial to address pro-choice claims that Planned Parenthood Federation of America primarily provides women’s healthcare services and to expose the million-dollar group’s true objective – abortion. A national television campaign was launched Tuesday by non-profit Life Always and features Johnson’s personal testimony about PPFA’s abortion-reliant business model. While pro-choice ads assert that PPFA clinics provide preventative care, Johnson shares with viewers the stark truth.

Truth about Planned Parenthood seems to be pretty subjective these days.  After all, when you have anti-choice advocates stating “96% of its services for pregnant women are abortions,” you have what sounds like a pretty shocking fact.  But since you are only looking at the pregnant women coming to Planned Parenthood – a minority of those who seek out their services, it’s easy to see why such a large proportion of that subset would then be seeking abortions.

Even the anti-choice activists themselves are saying the numbers are “skewed and don’t give a full picture of the services Planned Parenthood is actually providing.” 

Ain’t that the truth.