Now You Can’t Be Catholic and Support Planned Parenthood?

One Nebraska Bishop wants to deny communion to politicians who support Planned Parenthood.

As if denying communion for those who support a women’s right to choose wasn’t enough, a Catholic Bishop in Nebraska has announced that the church should go even further.  He proposes anyone who supports Planned Parenthood should be denied communion, too.

Via Lifesite News:

Though not “formally excommunicated,” Catholic politicians who support Planned Parenthood or other measures facilitating abortion are “placing themselves outside of the pale of the Church’s doctrine” and should be denied Communion, says Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The bishop told LifeSiteNews that Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, should be seen an enemy of the Catholic Church because “it advocates doctrines, immoral activities which are contrary to … the teachings of Almighty God.”

In 1996, Bishop Bruskewitz announced that any Catholics in his diocese who persisted as members of Planned Parenthood would be excommunicated automatically.  The decision was upheld by the Vatican in 2006. 

“Membership in Planned Parenthood [is] incompatible with being a Catholic living a clear adherence to the Catholic faith,” he insisted.

So, using any service at Planned Parenthood? You could get excommunicated over a pap smear? Really?

Almost all women have used birth control.  Even Catholics.  And less radical Catholic groups recognize the predominance and necessity of family planning, with nearly 60 Catholic legislators issuing a letter asking Congress not to cut Title X funding.

If the church really starts excommunicating over support of family planning, they’re going to have a lot of empty pews.