Planned Parenthood Spends International Women’s Day Donating Medical Supplies to Haiti

Haiti gets a special delivery of medical supplies in honor of International Women's Day.

Haiti is still recovering from the devastating earthquake that shook it over a month ago.  As the nation struggles to regain its footing, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) was able to lend a hand today via its relationship with Hospital University D’Haiti in Port au Prince.  In honor of International Women’s Day, and with the support of Affiliated Medical Services and Capitol Medical Clinic, PPWI delivered much needed medical supplies to the affected hospital.

From a release from PPWI:

Capitol Medical Clinic has developed a personal relationship with Hospital University D’Haiti as a result of Dr. Neville Duncan’s relief work in Port au Prince in the wake of the crisis.  While USAID indicates monetary donations are the most appropriate contribution from most Americans, Capitol Medical Clinic is able to arrange direct relief to Haiti as a result of this relationship.  

“Going to Haiti and providing obstetric care in hospital with limited access to water, gravel on the ground made me feel grateful for everyday things like fresh water and family.  These are the things that they lost, and the things we take for granted,” said Dr. Duncan, who went to hospital in the wake of the earthquake with the Association of Medicine D’Haiti.    

“I want to thank Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Medical Services for their generosity,” said Dr. Robert Wetzler, another physician at the Capitol Medical Group.  “Their substantial contributions will surely enhance the quality of care for patients at Hospital University D’Haiti are able to receive.”

PPWI was able to deliver four palates of medical supplies to Hospital University D’Haiti, a very welcome gift while the country is in such desperate need.