If you visit a “prolife” pregnancy center, BEWARE of your counselor sharing your personal information with outsiders

Instead of keeping the information you share in private between you and your counselor, a large number of CareNet.org, HeartBeatInternational.org, and OptionLine.org pregnancy centers allow outsiders access to this information

If you decide to go to a "prolife" pregnancy center for help, BEWARE of your counselor sharing your pregnancy history and other personal information with outsiders.  


Instead of keeping information between you and your counselor where it belongs, a large number of pregnancy centers associated with CareNet.org, HeartBeatInternational.org, and OptionLine.org allow the information you trust them with to leave the center and get into the hands of the employees of internet service providers and other people.


Yes, they enter your data on the internet exposing it to the prying eyes of hackers and giving the employees of their local internet company free access to it without your consent.


"What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas" in the case of these "prolife" pregnancy centers.


If you’re not sure whether or not your local pregnancy center does this, ask them if they use ekyros.com or waycoolsw.com to enter your information into the computer. If they do, your counselor is sending the information you give them across the internet and giving the employees of ekyros.com and waycoolsw.com access to view it.  


Hundreds of OptionLine.org local pregnancy centers use internet based client intake software products from ekyros.com and waycoolsw.com for “convenience”.


But, that convenience comes with a heavy price tag for you, the client who visits one of these centers.


These centers make you think that your pregnancy history and other confidential information will never leave the counseling room, then turn around and enter it online and put it into the hands of people you don’t know, outside the center, without your permission.

Will these local centers do anything to help you after your child is born? These pro lifers seem to turn their backs on you when a child has to grow up in low income housing projects and do nothing to help keep a child from turning to crime to support the household. I would guess many voted for Bush who believes in tough prison sentences instead of providing educational and other programs to help ensure that these youth do not turn to crime in the first place.


How about Care Net’s (OptionLine sponsor) financials? They take in millions a year. Their president makes over 100,000 a year. The financials seem to show that they give 0$ back to their affiliates or to the girls they say they serve.

All this is just to say that when the pro choice people say the "pro life" centers are deceptive and don’t respect and look out for the welfare of the client in the long run, it is possible they have a point in the case of these centers.


Maybe the ACLU should file a class action lawsuit on behalf of clients (many of whom are underage) who were promised absolute confidentiality but whose private information was allowed to leave the center without their consent and was placed in the hands of companies outside the center?

At the very least, a law should be passed that would require “prolife” pregnancy centers and  other organizations to inform their clients where their personal information is going and ask the clients whether or not they are comfortable with their personal information  leaving the center.


These "prolife" centers are deceptive. They run ads, in the same section of the phone book, with text which is deceptively close to that of legitimate medical facilities, and locate near these facilities so that maybe you will go to the "prolife" center instead of the original facility you intended on going to; so, these "prolife" centers will have no problem breaking their vow of absolute confidentiality to you lying to your face while they do it.


If you are at one of these "prolife" centers and they delay giving you the results of your pregnancy test, (most pregnancy tests take only minutes to determine the results), chances are they are trying to stall you instead of allowing you to weigh your options.