Mailers Feature Debunked Born Alive Charges

The Republican National Committee uses debunked "Born Alive" accusations in mailer. Will far-right social conservative anti-choice values be accepted by voters?

The Republican National Committee has sent a mailer using the repreatedly debunked accusations that Sen. Barack Obama supports infanticide.  Sam Stein reports on the mailer at Huffington Post where you can also take a look at the mailer. This RNC mailer joins efforts by several anti-choice independent expenditure efforts, supporting an accusation that Sen. John McCain used in the final debate. The infanticide accusations and their distribution in various forms of political media seem very well coordinated between 527’s like the Born Alive Truth Committee, the McCain campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the National Right to Life Committee. In addition the Family Research Council is attacking the Freedom of Choice Act.

Again, with 16 days to go, the far-right extremists within the anti-choice community can hardly complain that their issues are not getting a fair hearing.  Clearly if McCain wins the race, they should get credit. Their leaders, like Rep. Michelle Bachmann, bloggers like Jill Stanek, and all the traditionally vocal anti-choice organizations and funders have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in making this a defining moment in the campaign and ensuring that the Culture War continues, that abortion is discussed on their terms, based only on their misinformation, defined in the media and for the McCain campaign exactly as they wanted it.

We’ll see in 16 short days if America shares the far-right’s social conservative values, now that they are being so aggressively promoted in the campaign. If so, the far-right will be in total control of the Republican Party and the country.