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Appalachia Reporting Project

In mid-2017, Rewire.News launched a project to develop and publish original on-the-ground reporting in Appalachia. Focused on the structural and political challenges that undermine health, justice, and economic well-being, our Appalachia coverage centers on the Central Appalachian region (including Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia), and prioritizes work by writers living and working in these communities.

Designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a medically underserved region, Appalachia lacks primary health care providers and other forms of care, due in part to a dearth of economic opportunity and investment, resulting low incomes, geographic isolation, and low rates of educational attainment. But Appalachia is also a vast and diverse region that has been under increased scrutiny since the 2016 presidential election. Rewire is committed to telling its many stories.

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