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Photos: The No Choice Travel Agency

Regina Mahone

The immersive pop-up was located at 230A Mulberry Street in Manhattan for four days last week. Although it resembled a high-end travel agency, fitting in at the epicenter of designer shops, it was far from a typical trip bureau. It offered travelers three destinations: to one of the few states where a New Yorker can access a later abortion in the United States due to the state’s antiquated abortion law, which regulates abortion in the criminal code and restricts care after 24 weeks with no exceptions.

New York’s abortion law is an urgent issue, Erika Christensen of Abort Mission—an advocacy project she created with her husband, Garin Marschall, aimed at disrupting traditional storytelling—told Rewire.News. “We can’t just keep kicking this down the road. It’s past time” to do something about it.

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