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‘We Cannot Be Bystanders to Injustice’: The March for Truth in Washington, D.C.

Lauryn Gutierrez

On Saturday, the March for Truth was held in more than 100 cities across the United States. March organizers said their main goal was to “call for a fair and impartial investigation” into the Trump campaign and its associates’ possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

In Washington, D.C., the event brought more than a thousand people to the Northwest grounds of the Washington Monument. Following the rally, protesters formed the words “Investigate Trump,” documented by an aerial camera.

Jon Lovett, former presidential speechwriter and current podcaster and producer, mentioned in his remarks that he had just been at the White House across the street, where a small “Pittsburgh Not Paris” counter protest was being held in support of the president’s decision last week to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement: “They did not get out in the kind of numbers that I see here— it’s almost as though he’s a President without a constituency whatsoever.”

Lovett continued, “This was a really hard week. It’s been a hard 135 days. For those of us who view what’s going on behind me [at the White House] as a national emergency, and then you look at what’s happening on the Hill and they treat it like ordinary business, it’s more than just a typical outrage of bad policy and bad politics—we’ve dealt with that for a long time. This is heartbreaking.”