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#WeBelongTogether Youth to Trump: ‘We Are Not Afraid of You!’

Lauryn Gutierrez

On Thursday, April 13, 40 children and youth from seven states—including Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia—gathered in Washington, D.C., with the We Belong Together Kids Caravan. As Rewire Immigration Reporter Tina Vasquez explained on Thursday, the four-city tour “forces the public to bear witness to youth of colors’ fears around immigration.”

“I live with the fear of being separated from my mother every day,” said Leah, 11, of Miami. “We don’t have to destroy communities only because Trump says so. That is why I’m here in front of the White House with the #WeBelongTogether Kids Caravan. I want to tell Mr. Trump that he is a bully, and no matter how mean he is or how hard he tries, he will never break our spirit! We are strong kids and youth, and we are ready to protect our families just as they protect us every single day. We are not afraid of you!” (Rewire is not using the last names of the children in this slideshow due to privacy concerns.)