Community Health Center Tries to Reach Young, Gay Latinos with HIV Message

A Death in the Rewire Family

Last week, the Rewire family suffered a deep loss when Ali Artzer, younger sister of Brady Swenson, Rewire's New Media Director, died suddenly. We wanted to offer the opportunity for the community to share their prayers, support, and condolences with Brady. 

Career Women, GOP Wives, and DSK Rape Arrest

Barbara Kelley talks about why women feel paralyzed, and why it's not feminism that's to blame. Wives of Republican politicians take a hit in right wing media, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn is arrested for rape.

Sanity Prevails in Oklahoma, For Now

After facing strong opposition to a targeted attack on Planned Parenthood's WIC program, Oklahoma's legislators have allowed a bill threatening the health of needy infants and children to die in committee.