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The Breach—’We Don’t Heal from It.’
Episode Five: The Blackfeet Alternative

Season Four of the The Breach explores one central question: What happens when drug use during pregnancy becomes a felony?

Throughout Season Four of The Breach, we’ve explored the racial and political agendas behind the push to treat substance use by pregnant people as a crime rather than a health issue. We broke the news of law 240-D in Fort Peck, Montana, the harshest law of this kind found to date. We met Reneé, a woman jailed under 240-D. We’ve examined the ongoing challenges facing tribal governments as they grapple with high rates of substance use. And we’ve delved into the myths and contradictions of the drug court model in which Reneé and others can find themselves trapped.

In our final episode of the season, we take you to the Blackfeet reservation in northwest Montana for a glimpse at a compassionate alternative to criminalization.

This is Episode Four. Click here for the full series.

Transcript (PDF)


Lindsay Beyerstein: Creator/Writer/Host
Nora Hurley: Producer
Mary Annette Pember: Editorial Advisor
Laura Huss: Research Director
Marc Faletti: Executive & Supervising Producer
Douglas Helsel: Original Music Composer
Jo Constantz: Fact Checker