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Boom! Lawyered: Texas Is Trying to Take Trans Kids From Loving Parents

Jessica Mason Pieklo & Imani Gandy

Just when you thought lawmakers couldn’t stoop any lower to attack trans kids, Texas state senators took it to a new level with the introduction of a bill that would prohibit parents from “administering or supplying, or consenting to or assisting in the administering or supplying of puberty suppression prescription drug or cross-sex hormone to a child, other than an intersex child, for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment.” And if parents don’t comply, the state could take their child. Seriously!

This follows on the heels of other anti-trans bills in Arkansas and North Carolina. On this episode of Boom! Lawyered, Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy explain everything you need to know about what’s happening and what can be done about it.

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Transcript (PDF)