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Teens, Sex, and the Law: CHOICE/LESS Season Four Arrives Later This Year

Jenn Stanley

Niky was called “the slut” in high school for her reproductive rights activism. Jane had to cross state lines to get an abortion at 15 without involving her parents. Veronica thought her grandparents would make her continue an unwanted pregnancy as punishment for having unprotected sex.

Thirty-eight states require minors to involve a parent in their abortion decision. In some cases, parental consent is required with no exceptions, essentially banning abortion for many teens. Yet most of these states are doing little to nothing to teach teens about sex and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Season four of CHOICE/LESS unpacks a simple question awash in complexity: If adults won’t talk to young people about sex, how can the law mandate that teens involve parents in their abortion decision? This summer, host Jenn Stanley will help teens, parents, lawmakers, activists, and anyone who cares about young people find some answers—and raise their own questions about what’s right.