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What Else Happened? Hunger, Pregnancy Discrimination, and Progress in Birmingham

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Rewire managing editors Regina Mahone and Kat Jercich explore this week’s important underreported stories: the hungriest states in the country, a surprising new ordinance in Birmingham, Alabama, and misspent state funds in Texas. Plus, Kat interviews ACLU senior staff attorney Gillian Thomas about an important pregnancy discrimination case that’s underway, and Regina finds joy at the best birthday party ever.

All of this and more is available now in your new favorite weekend news companion, What Else Happened?


Recommended Reading:

Children Aren’t Getting Balanced Meals, and It Ain’t Because the Grits Are Savory, by Jazmine Walker

Congress Banned Pregnancy Discrimination in 1978, But Having a Baby Can Still Mean Losing a Paycheck, by Gillian Thomas and Amy Meek

Government Watchdog: Anti-Choice Group Misused Millions from Taxpayers, by Nicole Knight

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