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CHOICE/LESS – Transgender, Latinx, Poly, and Pregnant: ‘I’ll Love My Child Without Conditions’

Jenn Stanley

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Patrisse Cullors joins CHOICE/LESS again this week, and this time she’s talking to one of Racha’s clients, Alex Alvarez, about his decision to get pregnant and how he plans to parent.

An edited excerpt:

Jenn Stanley: Patrisse, how do you know Alex, and what are you hoping that listeners take away from his story?

Patrisse Cullors: Alex Alvarez is my really good friend’s partner, and he’s also a good friend of mine. He is a trans man talking about his pregnancy. The first time I saw a pregnant man tell his story was this white trans man about six or seven years ago. I thought it was amazing, and I was so glad he was sharing with the world, but it was still from a white lens.

I thought it would be important to talk about Alex not just because he’s a pregnant man, but because he’s also living in a polyamorous household that’s multiracial. His partner Carla is Afro-Latina and his partner Carla’s partner, the other co-parent, is Black, and so I just thought it would be a really interesting view point to see this family building this new life. What does it look like? And what impact does our health-care system have on people with these intersecting identities?

Jenn Stanley: Alex gave birth at the end of September, after we interviewed him. Can you tell us about his birth experience?

Patrisse Cullors: Alex had a very traumatic labor and birth, and his baby is suffering from a rare heart disease. The baby had heart surgery in early October and is still recovering. Alex did have to go to the hospital for birth and labor, but Racha has been by his side every step of the way. Listeners can find updates and support Alex, his partners, and the baby here.

Transcript (pdf)