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CHOICE/LESS – Jessica Mason Pieklo: Can Someone Else’s Religion Legally Dictate Your Health Care?

Jenn Stanley

The previous two episodes of CHOICE/LESS featured stories of people denied care at Catholic hospitals because the hospitals claimed their treatment would violate the church’s ethical and religious directives.

Evan and Mindy‘s stories are not particularly uncommon. One in six hospital beds in the United States are controlled by the Catholic Church, and that number is growing. For many people, Catholic hospitals are their only reasonable options for care, and because Catholic hospitals often don’t have religious-sounding names, patients may not even know they’re at a religiously affiliated institution.

When do the church’s rights trump the patient’s rights? In this episode of CHOICE/LESS, Rewire’s Vice President of Law and the Courts, Jessica Mason Pieklo, helps answer that by discussing religious imposition laws and how they apply to health care.

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